Task 5: E-Environment


Terms and conditions & Support

The terms and conditions of eBay’s website “ebayinc.com” ,that have been implemented since October 2009,  seem to be rather reasonable, Despite from “ebayinc.com may contain inaccurate, inappropriate or possibly offensive material, and we assume no responsibility or liability for such material” as this may leave their own customers at risk of interacting with unwanted or possibly dangerous information. The eBay website allows customers to either return, refund or exchange an item. To do this they must find the item in “My eBay” under “Purchase History” and select “Return this item” from the “More actions” drop-down menu, Select the reason for the return. Then depending on the seller’s return policy, eBay may put you in touch with the seller directly. eBay provides customer help and service for support, the customer service section on their website provides you with the details necessary to buy and sell goods on their site, it also has sub sections with simple solutions and general topics, and if you’re really stuck you can contact them via a telephone line. In my opinion, i believe eBay is better than most of its competition because it not only offers a wide range of support for its customers but is a reliable service too.


To register with eBay you must enter your email, a password, your full name and your mobile phone number. EBay uses safeguards, such as encryption, firewalls, and Secure Socket Layers to help protect your personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorised access. Data encryption changes data from one form into another, so only individuals with a certain key can access the information.


EBays website makes use of the cookie function. This means that when you visit their website a cookie is downloaded onto your computer, so the next time you visit the site it knows you’ve already been their and so alters what appears on screen tailored to you.








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