Task 8: E-Marketing

EBay’s ease of access using search engines

EBay’s website is one of the most accessible e-commerce websites, this is because it is one of the worlds most popular site in that area (Ranked 37 on google). If the letter “e” is typed into googles search bar “eBay” appears as recommended for users. This in itself increases the accessibility of the website and will bring in more traffic.

If we type in related themes to eBay’s website, for example “Buy and Sell on”,  then “Buy and Sell on EBay” will appear. However if we enter “Buy and sell online” eBay is not the first result on the list. There are numerous “paid for results” that show up, these are advertisements from other companies that have paid to be ranked at the top of googles result list such as Shopify, EKM and Wix. EBay doesn’t even appear on the first page on google making it more difficult for users to find the website and access it.

In order for eBay to bring in more traffic they could possibly add “Buy and sell” to their description, however according to this chart they have increasing amounts of users on their website.





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